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A spectacular red honey processed peaberry lot. Wonderful flavours of milk Chocolate praline, smooth caramel and sweet tangerine. Smooth bodied, with a perfect balance of body and acidity to leave you with a sweet, pleasant mouthfeel.


What makes this lot so unique is that not only does it undergo honey processing in which 75% of the coffee cherries fruit is left on the bean to dry for several days in which this caramelises around the bean, but it is also only the peaberry beans which are selected. Peaberry beans come as the result of a natural mutation in the coffee cherry when only one bean, instead of two, develop inside.


Without the constriction of an additional bean, this solo bean develops into a round shape which allows for a more even roast in our drum roaster. We are very excited to offer this unique coffee in our collection.

Brazil Mio Peaberry (Red Honey)

  • From Ana Pellicer

    'Mio is, first of all, a farm in Monte Santo de Minas, Brazil. A tiny town where I was born 30 years ago, and so was everyone in my family for at least four generations. Last year we decided we did not want it to be just a farm anymore, we wanted to export our coffee, importing it into the UK ourselves, store it here and sell it directly to roasteries.

    We dreamed of making the term direct trade actually mean something to our farm, and everyone involved in the process. We want to be producers who are in charge of all decisions regarding the supply chain. We want to take control and expand our traceability to the roaster's door. What is the point of all the traceability work we do at the farm level if we don't know exactly what happens to our coffee afterwards?

    Sustainability is incredibly important to us, and we have many projects we are working on to support social, economic and environmental stability'

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