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The Value of the Local Market

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

It's Monday morning and the stall holders are gearing up for another busy morning at the new Ilfracombe Market. Walking down the thoroughfare the first things that hit you are the smells of local eateries cooking up their delicious offerings - the raw onions get me. Later on, my son and I couldn't resist the amazing burgers at the food van with our favourite Jack Daniels sauce and onion rings - they put other burgers to shame.

But our stomachs aside -our Market is a real gem and an amazing benefit to our town. There are artisan crafts featuring hand made pens, chopping boards, beautiful photography for your wall as well as a pet store, a local clothing brand and much more.

So why are markets so important?

A local marketplace plays a crucial role in fostering community development and economic growth. Firstly, it provides a platform for local businesses to thrive and showcase their products or services. By supporting these businesses, community members contribute to the local economy, creating job opportunities and generating revenue that circulates within the community. This not only strengthens the local business ecosystem but also helps to maintain the unique character and identity of the community.

We spoke to Andrew from North Devon Soap

"Local markets are truly important to the local community, they link together the residents, the visitors, and the artisan makers that reside there. Ilfracombe Market is a perfect example of that. It's been welcomed warmly by the people of this local community"

A great starting block for Entrepreneurs...

A local market presents numerous advantages for entrepreneurs. Firstly, it offers a platform to showcase their products or services directly to the local community, allowing for face-to-face interactions and building personal connections with customers. This can lead to increased brand visibility, customer loyalty, and word-of-mouth referrals. Secondly, operating within a local market enables entrepreneurs to tap into the unique needs and preferences of the community, allowing them to tailor their offerings accordingly. This targeted approach can result in a higher success rate and a competitive edge over larger, more generic businesses. Lastly, a local market often has lower barriers to entry compared to larger markets, making it more accessible for aspiring entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses. This combination of local support, market insights, and reduced competition makes a local market an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to thrive and establish a strong foundation for their ventures.

"Obviously you can start up an online shop in minutes and so you can have an e-commerce offering to your customers very, very quickly but there's nothing like looking a customer in the eye, listening to them, listening to their feedback - and that helps you tweak your products to meet their exact needs... markets are really important for that"

In summary, a local marketplace is vital for the community as it supports local businesses, stimulates economic growth, and fosters social cohesion. By actively participating in and supporting these marketplaces, community members contribute to the overall well-being and sustainability of their local area. For regular updates please head to the Ilfracombe Market Facebook Page


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2 comentários

Eel Marwen
Eel Marwen
18 de jul. de 2023

I totally agree. They can be feeders for local high streets and offer lower risk for someone wanting to indulge their passion nd turn it into a new business. Some of our clients started on markets. Many well known brands and stores started at markets like Dunelm, Superdry, Poundland, Tesco and Marks and Spencer! It's the same story in almost every country around the world. Markets offer something different to the high street too. Some areas are dominated by them, they are the main reason to visit (they work best when integrated into the high street). Greenwich, Camden Market, Borough market…these are internationally famous and compliment different offers, especially with the growing trend for street food and farmers markets. Having themed market…

Respondendo a

Yes definitely I hope this little market continues and thrives

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