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Summer is here – Make the most of your garden

By Lee Hussell – ANAEA Director at Webbers Estate Agents

So, we’re already half way through the year, Easter has come and gone, we’ve had the longest day and the early spring has seen our gardens start to come back to life after the harsh winter months. If you are selling your property or thinking about coming on to the market shortly, your garden is an extremely important factor in ensuring your home presents itself in the best way it can to the viewing public. A good, well-kept and attractive garden can add thousands of pounds to your selling price and, of course, give considerable kerb appeal and saleability to your prized asset. We all love to be outdoors when the unpredictable British weather allows us but most of us also don’t want to spend long back breaking hours working like a Trojan to establish a usable outdoor space.

Now, I am definitely no expert when it comes to gardening or knowing my camellia from my clematis but I do appreciate a good garden and over the many years I have been working as an Estate Agent I have seen the considerable effect it has on the successful sale of my clients’ properties. I have researched some useful tips on how to prepare your garden, not just for selling, but also to ensure it looks its very best at this time of year. As I say I am no expert but I have managed to find some helpful guidance so I thought I would share some of those ideas here and they will hopefully give you a helping hand.

It is always import to ensure your garden is tidy. Winters are never kind to our gardens and damage may have been caused to fences and trellis or maybe the larger shrubs and trees. Any dead growth can be cut back and fallen leaves and other debris can be removed and cleared away. We all hate weeding but it is an essential job to ensure your beds look smart and tidy and any new growth around your patio or deck or in your driveway needs to be removed regularly as everything grows so quickly now after our typical cycles of sunshine and rain. Many of us have a greenhouse or garden shed; they will probably need a clean and tidy. Greenhouses will benefit from a thorough clean with a suitable cleaning fluid to ensure any winter dirt, pests or disease are banished.

The lawn will need a rake to remove dead growth and winter debris, and at this time of year regular cutting is a must. The edges to any raised flowerbeds and borders can be repaired if damaged or bowed. Prune the roses and shrubs. The wooden deck is likely to need a scrub to protect against a dangerous slippery surface and the patio and driveway would benefit from a blast with the high pressure washer to ensure they’re looking spick and span to create the right first impression.

Your front garden is very important to address as this is likely to be the first thing a potential buyer will see when visiting for a viewing. Many potential buyers also do a ‘drive-by’ first before deciding on whether to view or not so your ‘kerb appeal’ is an essential part of attracting the best buyers through your front door. Pots and hanging baskets are a great way to liven up your frontage providing a burst of colour. Make sure your path and steps are weed free and any dead leaves swept away.

Colourful planting and continued cultivation of your spring and summer bulbs all add to a smart look. There are a large variety of spring plants that make our gardens come to life and look far more attractive to buyers creating a homely feel and adding instant appeal. A colourful garden will photograph so much better and make your sales brochure or advert on the websites look far more eye catching and attract the very best buyers.

Summer is a time when the barbeque is wheeled out to take advantage of those warmer and sunnier weekend afternoons and evenings so having a suitable outdoor entertaining area is a real plus. Patio furniture should be cleaned down and carefully positioned to demonstrate the usability of your outdoor space; al-fresco dining is very popular and many buyers want the best possible space they can find. Families with younger children love a nice level lawn to allow the kids to run around, kick the football and play games.

So, make the most of your garden, it will undoubtedly help sell your home more quickly and for more money, especially at this time of the year where everything looks so much better. Take a critical look at your outdoor areas and be honest – put yourself in the shoes of a buyer, time spent here will be well worth it, I promise. If you are thinking of a move we’d love to help.

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