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Updated: May 12, 2023

Welcome to the new online Focus magazine! As we begin our website with all of its changes, we have gained a new member of the Focus team - we would like to introduce Sophie Gallagher, our latest editor.

We would like you to get to know her a little better, so here is a Q&A with Sophie.

How long have you lived in Ilfracombe?

"I grew up here - I have lived in Ilfracombe all my life, and feel a deep connection to the wonderful community and beautiful landscape. My mother has lived here since she was eight years old, and my grandparents used to run a local care home, so my family has been part of the town for a long time."

Why did you decide to take on the role of editor?

"I was raised to be a bookworm - my whole house is full of shelf after shelf of books, and I regularly visit the library to borrow even more! As a result, I have a passion for the English language and enjoy editing. I also see this as an opportunity to pay back all the support and inspiration that Ilfracombe's community has given me over the years - I feel privileged to be doing my part highlighting local stories and issues, giving them the attention they deserve."

What other local events/organisations do you participate in?

" I am involved with our local Sea Cadet unit, T.S. Capstone - I think that Sea Cadets provides amazing opportunities for local children/teens, and really develops their people skills and self confidence. I care a lot about the environment, and have joined in with lots of local tree planting schemes. I also participate in the Lions Swimathon each year, and sometimes help out with Games Galore events - and I really enjoy the Victorian week celebrations. This year, my family and I are entering the Art Trail, which I am very excited to take part in!"

What are your other interests and hobbies?

"I love swimming, kayaking, and long walks - Exmoor, Dartmoor, and the coast path are particularly beautiful. I also enjoy sketching and painting, as well as baking and spending time with my family playing board games. Did I mention that I like reading? My happy place is in my armchair with a cat on my lap, my music on, a book in one hand, and a mug of good coffee in the other!"

This is Sophie's first editorial job. She hopes to share the spirit of Ilfracombe's community by using her skills to help bring local stories to a wider audience.

If you want to get involved with or write for Focus magazine, you can contact Sophie here:


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