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One Small Step

One  Small Step


OneSmallStep is a FREE health service funded by Devon County Council to support the health and wellbeing of Devon residents.

We are here to support you on your journey to a healthier, happier you.

Perhaps you are a smoker who would like to give up for good? Or you might want to aim for a healthier weight but can’t find the time or motivation. Do you need support to get more active? Or are you worried you might be drinking too much? Whatever your goal, OneSmallStep can help.

We know everyone is different, thats why our support is tailored to you as an individual. You can have access to online tools and resources, apps and self help guides and/or have regular intensive support from one of our specially trained practitioners who will work with you 1-1 to help you achieve your goals. We have appointments available between 8am and 8pm and all our support is free.

Phone Number:


01392 908 139



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