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Cow Green Community Garden

Cow Green Community Garden


Cow Green Community Garden, established in 2002, holds the distinction of being the first community garden in its area. This remarkable achievement was made possible through the invaluable assistance of numerous volunteers. The garden boasts a variety of features, including well-laid paths, sizable water tanks, and sturdy railings. Additionally, over 100 woodland trees and willows were generously donated and planted in the woodland section. 

The garden is diligently managed and cared for by a dedicated group of volunteers who have taken it upon themselves to maintain its beauty. Among its attractions are a vegetable plot and ponds teeming with frogs and other wildlife. The primary objective of the garden is to create a splendid green oasis in the heart of Ilfracombe, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy a garden space. It is heartening to note that the garden is cherished and frequented by both children and local residents. A committed team of six volunteers convenes every Friday from 10am to 12 noon, and additional volunteers are available to assist with more challenging tasks when needed.

Phone Number:


07443 20227313

Cow Lane, Ilfracombe, UK



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