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Carnival Regulations: 

Please Read Carefully

A person Is guilty of an offence if he/she uses, causes or permits another to use a motor vehicle or trailer on a road when:

  1. The condition of the motor vehicle or trailer or its accessories or equipment, 

  2. The purpose for which it is used, or

  3. The number of passengers carried by it or manner in which they are carried, or

  4. The weight, position or distribution of its load, or the manner in which it is secured Is such that the use of the motor vehicle or trailer involves a danger of injury to any person


  1. This means that the onus for the safety of the vehicle and its passengers and members of the public in the proximity of the carnival float is the responsibility of the following:

  2. The float operators. This can include the owner of the vehicle, the owner of the trailer and each individual member of a group who subscribe to the individual float

  3. The driver of the float

  4. Each member of the carnival organising group could be banned or rejected if the float is likely to cause danger to any part in a carnival on a public road.


ALL participants must abide by the following rules and conditions of entry.

  1. Under no circumstances will the consumption of alcohol be allowed by the driver or anyone being carried in or upon the carnival float prior to or during the carnival.

  2. Any vehicle or trailer must at all times comply with Section 40A of the Road Traffic Act 1988

  3. Prior to entering the procession each carnival float must be examined by an approved examiner and certified that the float is fit to proceed within the carnival, or any other such place in the proximity of the assembly and dispersal area of a carnival as agreed by the carnival organisers.

  4. No passenger may be carried on a carnival float unless that float is proceeding in the carnival procession.

  5. Any such procession may only proceed at walking pace when passengers are carried on the floats and each float must undertake the strict supervision of a suitable person(s) who may be a float team member or other such person as approved by the carnival organisers.

  6. A means of communication must be available between the driver and the passengers on the float to halt the vehicle immediately should the need arise.

  7. .A certificate of Insurance or suitable indemnity must be in force covering the use of the vehicle and float in the carnival.

  8. .The Police have absolute discretion in removing any vehicle from the carnival procession and will prosecute those operators, drivers and organisers who are in breach of this arrangement.


Owners of motorised vehicles need to notify their own insurance company they are taking part. 


• All entries assemble for judging at 5.00pm

• Vehicles and Walkers to assemble at the Swimming Pool Car Park. The Procession leaves at 6.00pm for Broad Street via the High Street & Wilder Road.

• All proceeds to local charities and people most in need.

• Ilfracombe Carnival Committee holds the collection licence for this event.

• Participants must collect for the Ilfracombe & Ilfracombe Carnival Committee and no other group or organisation.

Ilfracombe Carnival Committee run and manage the carnival but cannot take any responsibility for damage or loss to any vehicle, person or property that takes part in the procession. All entrants do so at their own risk. 

No person is to travel on the back of any float to or from the procession. All persons to gain access to the vehicles at the starting point. All persons to alight from their vehicles at the end of the procession or if standing, provision for  Vehicles will be inspected prior to the procession moving off. Ilfracombe Carnival Committee reserve the right to withdraw any entry deemed unfit to continue. 

Generators must not be covered by material. All vehicles should carry fire extinguishers / fire fighting equipment and have safety chains in place. 

First Aid Kits should be carried by all vehicles. 

Please provide four dedicated marshals, one for each corner of your float. If you have a tow bar, i.e. tractor & trailer, please provide a marshal for this area. 

Please return the completed application form to Ilfracombe Carnival Committee.

. It's easy.

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