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Ley Holloway


I make jewellery from a variety of materials, sea glass and beach ceramics, with bead weaving, vintage lace with recycled pieces of jewellery and copper with silver fused to it’s surface. I also occasionally make decorative objects such as bowls and boxes or Christmas decorations. My website is called Vintage Beadery because many of the beads are vintage or antique. My designs are influenced by nature, particularly the sea. Ley is happy to make pieces to commission, either using a piece of sea glass you have yourself or a piece from her collection. Ley is also very open to any ideas you might have for jewellery that are within her skills to make. Perhaps a bridal piece made from offcuts of fabric from the bride’s dress.

07749 504647

Phone Number:

Ilfracombe Chocolate Emporium
6 High Street
EX34 9DF



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