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Kira Bartlett


Hi my name is Kira and I am a 25 year old Autistic artist living and painting in Ilfracombe. In 2020 I graduated with a degree in illustration. Nothing has made me happier than when I have a paint brush in my hand but it wasn’t until I began university in 2017 that I found my niche, it was through that experience I discovered realism and have been in love ever since. 

My first experience was painting the portrait of my university head masters dog. Being able to convey a life to canvas and give it a soul and character that a person can recognise is still today the most satisfying and gratifying experience one can get. 

 I am branching out and exploring painting realistic land and seascapes, trying to bring them to life in a way that people can see and feel it as if they was there using an acrylic base and  finished with oil paints, 

Phone Number:

27 Portland Street
EX34 9NL



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