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Karen Jarmarkier


I have been using clay as my main creative medium for 8 years now, and the most rewarding of all is using raku clay and it`s firing process. As exciting as alchemy, it conjures up pre-historic tribal scenes with the powerful but basic process of creating from mud and using fire to create unique and beautiful objects that emerge blackened and smoking. Placing the red-hot raku in a cauldron of wood chippings sets them alight and creates the most beautiful reactions, copper sheens and smoke-filled crackled glazes. It is a dramatic and heart stopping activity, especially as the whole lot can simply explode before you even begin! My ceramics teacher first said, “ There is nothing more humbling than working with clay“. And that is especially true with raku. The ones that survive seem even more precious and unique. My raku is fired up to 1000`C in a small dustbin in our garden. 

07867 381420

Phone Number:

45 Fore Street
EX34 9DJ



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