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Glen Berning


Art abstract paintings, canvas and famed, wood sculptures, wooden boards and original painted cards. I spend time walking in wild and wonderful Exmoor or combing North Devon beaches rock pools and wild untamed beauty near my adopted home in Ilfracombe, these are the creative catalysts for my work. Stone, driftwood, metal and objects that the ocean has washed up inspire me and provide the starting point for my works early stages. 

My approach is layering colours exploring the use of space and contrasting the solid with ephemeral and fixed with the fluid I strive to replicate the forces of nature. Time is suspended on my canvas…a fine line between order and chaos, the surface is calm, but the tension is ever present. Everything pulsates with life, on the verge of movement and change, with the use of colour integral to my vision of creating vibrant canvases. I generally paint with acrylics and develop larger pieces in my studio.

07841 203321

Phone Number:

3 St James Place
EX34 9BH



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