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Ilfracombe Artists

Ilfracombe, a North Devon town known for its Victorian charm and picturesque harbor, has become a hub for a thriving contemporary art scene. The dramatic coastline, with its rugged cliffs and hidden coves, provides endless inspiration for artists. This artistic energy is palpable as you explore the town's many galleries, showcasing a diverse range of mediums, from traditional paintings and sculptures to innovative mixed-media pieces and photography. The annual Ilfracombe Art Trail, held each spring, allows visitors to delve deeper by visiting artists' studios and homes, experiencing the creative process firsthand and discovering the unique perspectives these artists bring to the North Devon landscape.

Restorer Using Scalpel
Holly Robertson

I'm Holly, the artist behind Larkstone Studio from which I create nature focused lino prints. I'm a beach ranger and artist based in Ilfracombe. I spend my life protecting the habitat and wildlife of the North Devon coast, looking after Croyde Beach, advocating for conservation and highlighting how humans are having an impact on the environment.


Print Making

Alison Rowe

My work is produced in stages culminating in a giclee print. I make marks, textures and fuse colours together mainly using Indian ink on watercolour paper. I then use a digital program on an ipad to collage and merge these elements together. I find my inspiration comes from living by the sea and bringing a never-ending energy and frequent change to the scenery and the texture of the rocks, the swirling water and the life it brings.


07811 421192

Mixed media

Beth Barrington

My ocean artwork is created with layers of resin. Proving popular and creating spectacular results, these need to be viewed in person as the colours change when exposed to different light. I invite you to enjoy my art over a cuppa and I look forward to seeing you at Laston House. I take my inspiration from the natural world, possibly because I’m happiest when outside.


07828 389144

Mixed media

Caroline Baxter

Art was my salvation during lockdown. With the quietening of the demands of life art finally had chance to come to the fore. I had time to experiment, play and to develop. Exploration of various media has led to a new wide-ranging body of work, mostly inspired by North Devon but also my much-loved Norfolk. 


07810 117087

Paintings & drawings

Chris Paterson-Deacon

I love to paint. I work in oils mainly using colour and shape to represent energy and emotion and it is noticeable that nature and in particular water, are a continuous theme that emerges. My love of all thing’s aquatic ensure that water and underwater life have a strong representation in my work and now that I am scuba diving, the sense of freedom is something I love to reflect on. I would like my work to inspire and uplift and I hope that my work is enjoyed.


07810 860059


Christine Basil

I am working in water soluble oil paints at the moment, the paintings are mainly about the landscape. They are a response to light, shape, tonal masses, textures and colours that I experience around me and are an exploration into my emotional responses to visual input, a way of understanding my surroundings and, hopefully expressing this to other people. You can also see work done in other mediums such as watercolour and pencil in the display, some large, some small, some framed and some a paper or board.


07976 627960

Oil on wood

Fiona Bates

I am opening my home again and welcome you to view my new ceramics which will be shown alongside my sea themed pieces. This year there will be examples of my making process which explain why I and fellow users of clay ‘pray to the kiln gods’ as the transition from damp mud to glazed finished and refined pieces occurs.


07941 396027


Gill Rogers

Gill has always had a passion for creativity and design and since she moved to North Devon she has been able to explore this passion more fully. Gill has settled as a textile artist as her preferred creative expression. She draws inspiration for her work from living both near the sea and the north Devon countryside and uses textiles and stich to tell a story in each piece that she trusts truly captures the uniqueness of the area in which she now lives. Gill’s work can be viewed at the local craft cooperative, FortyThree Shop, 37 Fore St, Ilfracombe.


07342 642969


Glen Berning

Art abstract paintings, canvas and famed, wood sculptures, wooden boards and original painted cards. I spend time walking in wild and wonderful Exmoor or combing North Devon beaches rock pools and wild untamed beauty near my adopted home in Ilfracombe, these are the creative catalysts for my work. Stone, driftwood, metal and objects that the ocean has washed up inspire me and provide the starting point for my works early stages. 


07841 203321

Abstract Paintings


Hand:plant is a delightful shop nestled in the heart of Ilfracombe, dedicated to celebrating the creativity of local artisans. As you step into the inviting space, you're immediately greeted by an array of captivating artworks and handmade crafts adorning the walls and display shelves.

The shop's primary focus is to showcase the talents of local artists, artisans, and crafters. You'll find a diverse selection of artwork, including paintings, photography, sculptures, ceramics, textiles, and more.



Ian Hudson

Professional artist/tutor, specializing in watercolours, holds classes at The Manor Hall, Berrynarbor on Thursdays, and at The North Devon Yacht Club, Instow on Mondays.


07811 678496 / 01271 865534


Ilfracombe Art & Craft Society

For over 40 years the society has presented a varied selection of local art and craft work in its exhibition spaces. Today locals and visitors to Ilfracombe can enjoy a relaxing visit to our modern spacious gallery, located along The Promenade, just along from The Admiral Collingwood. You will find a large selection of original paintings created by talented local artists. From local seascapes and harbour scenes to studies of beautiful North Devon and Exmoor.

Over the last 40 years the society has donated close on £100,000 to local good causes and has also now become a registered charity.


01271 864864


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